Cookies policy

The following Cookies Policy defines the notion of Cookies and ways of using them by Us.

You need to view such a policy in order You are able to recognize what variety of cookies We apply, or the data We gather utilizing Cookies and how that data is utilized.

Cookies do not usually include any data that individually recognizes a user, just own data that we save about. You can be connected to the data saved in and received from Cookies.

For additional info on how We utilize, collect, and save your individual information protected, familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy.

We do not collect confidential private data, for example, posting addresses, passwords of your accounts, etc., in the Cookies We utilize.

Explanation and Determinations

Explanation. The terms of which the primary letter is capitalized have meanings determined under the next circumstances. The next determinations will possess a similar meaning no matter they are used in singular or plural form.

Determinations. For the objectives of this Cookies Policy:

  • Company (also include “the Company”, “Us”, “We” or “Our” in Cookies Policy) applies to You in Live LLC
  • Cookies are determined as little files that are arranged in Your PC, smartphone, or any other equipment by a website, holding information about your browse records on that website among its various uses.
  • Website relates to You in Live, available at
  • You are determined as the private person obtaining access or utilizing the Website, or a company, or any legal person on behalf of which such private person is obtaining access or utilizing the Website, as relevant.

The Utilization of the Cookies

Kind of Cookies We Utilize

There are two types of Cookies: “Persistent” or “Session”. Persistent Cookies continue on your PC or smartphone when You are offline, and Session Cookies are removed when You shut down a web browser.
We utilize Session, and Persistent Cookies for the objectives placed lower:

Required / Important Cookies

Type: Session Cookies
Managed by: The Company
Objective: Cookies are necessary to present You with services possible through a Website by allowing You to utilize particular functions. They assist in confirming users and block fraudful usage of accounts. Without this type of Cookies, the services that You have requested cannot be presented, and We just utilize these Cookies to present You with these services.

Functional Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies
Managed by: The Company
Objective: Cookies enable the Company to memorize options You do when You utilize the Website, for example, memorizing your login data or language choice. The objective of Cookies is to present You with a higher individual experience and to shun. You ought to re-enter your choices every time You utilize the Website.

Your Options Concerning Cookies

If You want to shun the utilization of Cookies on the Website, firstly, You need to turn off the utilization of Cookies in your browser and next remove the Cookies kept in your browser connected with a website. You can utilize this choice for limiting the utilization of Cookies at any time.

If You do not want to take Our Cookies, You can face some difficulty in your utilization of the Website, and some functions can not operate correctly.

If you'd prefer to remove Cookies or command a browser to ignore cookies, please view the guidance pages of your web browser.

For every different web browser, please view the official web pages of these web browsers.

Contact Information

If you still possess any problems and issues concerning Cookies Policy, We recommend You to contact Us by email: [email protected]