Privacy Policy

You in Live LLC. and its partners (referred to as “Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) are required to protecting the personal data it gathers when you use the website (the “Site”), our mobile applications (the “Apps”) and our “Services”. This Privacy Policy document contains information about our attitude to personal data in relation to the Services. If it turns out that this document has some inconsistencies or ambiguities in different language versions, the English one will prevail.

1. Acceptance

Once you decide to use our Services, please read the Terms of Service document that you can find at As soon as you accept it, you claim that you are well-aware of its content, understand and agree to the practices we use that are described in our documents (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy). If we need your consent to work with any sort of your personal information, we will request it. It may be necessary to gather and use this data, as well as its disclosure, as you’ll find out below. If you understand that there are things you can’t agree to in this Policy, it is essential to refuse access or use of the Company’s Services without any delays.

2. Changes

We reserve the right to make amends to this document when we decide to update or expend the Services that we provide. It is obvious that we’ll keep you up to date on any information changes related to this document via email you’ve provided us with. We will also send you a notification on or within our Services in advance so that you can learn them when the changes have not yet taken effect. If you understand that you can’t agree to amends, please discontinue your use of Services as soon as possible, before the edited Policy takes effect. If you decide to use our Services after this moment, we will take it like that you’re agreeing with the modified document.

Besides, our Company may provide you with additional information or “just-in-time” disclosures about the information gathering, use, and sharing data of concrete Services. Read these notices to learn more about practices we accept to ensure your privacy. They can also inform you of extra options about how we use the data you provide.

3. Information Collected

When we use the term “Personal Information” or “Personal data” in this document, we mean any sort of information that is able to identify a person. Our main goal in gathering your personal data is to improve our services and boost your customer experience with our Company. Pay attention to the fact that you shouldn’t share some categories of personal data when using our Services. It goes about your ethnic or racial origin, political views, beliefs (whether they are religious or physiological), and genetic and biometrics characteristics. You’re not required to share information about your health, criminal background, sexual orientation, and so on.

You should be aware of the primary types of information we generally collect from our users.

Information you share with us directly:

Your Registration and\or Profile Data. Being the end-user of our partner’s application, you’ll receive the opportunity to use your email address (or any other platform account) to create an account on our Site. Once you have your profile registered, you provide some sort of personal information like:

  • name;
  • gender;
  • date and year of birth;
  • login;
  • password;
  • email address;
  • photo or picture;
  • phone number, etc.

If there is a third-party account that contains some sort of identifiable information about you, it can also be accessible.

User content. When you provide some content when using our Services or during our interaction, we collect it.

Interaction Between Users and You in Live. Each time when you need to contact our managers with some questions, claims, suggestions, etc., we need to gather the data that is provided in your messages. It may include your name and surname, contact information, and other sorts of personal details. When you decide to communicate your feedback on our services and applications via our communication channel, we may collect this personal information as well.

Information that is automatically collected about you:

User’s Activity Data. We use third-party analytical tools to gather information about your activity within our Services. This software is able to collect data sent by your device: the sites you visit, various add-ons, and other information that helps us to come up with insights on improving your customer experience. Please take into account that we or any other third parties can’t use this data to identify you and other individual users since we anonymize the information or aggregate it so that it is absolutely safe for you.

Device Information. Users who access our Services with their mobile devices (it can be your smartphone or a tablet) should be ready that we may access, gather, monitor, store on your gadget, and\or remotely store some “device identifiers”. Device identifiers stand for small files with data that are stored on your smartphone or tablet and are able to identify your unique device. They can be stored in connection with your hardware, operating system, or other program tools, or data that was sent by You in Live. Third-party partners and we can receive from this device identifier information about your browsing habits. Knowing how you use the Service, we’ll be able to provide you with personalized content and ads. Pay attention that if your smartphone or tablet’s device identifiers are not available, you may face some difficulties when using specific features of our Services that don’t function properly in such a case.

Cookies and More. You should know that we use cookies to find out how you use our Products and Services. There are also some similar technologies that stand for local storage, web beacons, pixels. Besides, we can ask our third-party partners to provide ads or some services on your devices, which may also use cookies or technologies we listed above. You have an opportunity to decide what information you don’t want to be collected from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and limit its amount. Your gadget’s or browser settings provide you with an appropriate opportunity. However, consider that some important functions that you may need become unavailable as soon as you prevent us from collecting the data we use to provide these features. You can request more information on this topic and cookie management. Please read our Cooking Policy or contact us with your questions.

Log File Information. Each time you request to access our website or application, the log file information is automatically provided by your browser. It can also be reported when you download the content of the site or app to your device or browser. While you’re using our Service, our servers automatically gather certain file information that consists of:

  • your web request;
  • IP address;
  • the browser type you use;
  • referring and exit pages;
  • URLs;
  • amount of click;
  • your link behavior;
  • domain names;
  • landing pages;
  • pages you’ve viewed;
  • other similar information.

Moreover, we can access other log information to improve our Services, fix bugs, and so on. It goes about the different activities while using our Product: your comments, logging in, chatting, gifting, etc.

Automatic log updates. Automated information gathering doesn’t lead to profiling that may have some effect on you. It just provides us with a broader picture of our users and customers.

4. How We Use Your Information

When we have some sorts of information collected from our users through the Services, we use them for various purposes. They are described here:

A. To Provide You with Decent Services. It would be impossible to guarantee you the level you require without certain information. This data may consist of your contact and device details. We may share them with our service providers or partners when it is necessary to deliver you the decent level of our Services. We must have this information to deliver you what you expect.

B. To Organize Communications That are Service-related. We use your personal data to stay in touch with you whenever you need our assistance. It may be administrative news, account-related updates, some information on security issues or transaction updates, and so on. These messages are absolutely service-related and don’t contain any sort of promotion. It is impossible for you to unsubscribe from these communications because we don’t want you to miss essential news relating to your account or our news that may affect your use of Services.

C. To Provide You With Friendly Customer Support. When our customers contact us and ask for help with any issues, questions, claims, and other kinds of feedback, we need to process your information. It would be impossible to respond to you or to guarantee you an outstanding level of customer support without this information.

D. To Enforce Terms, Agreements, or Policies. We need to ensure you’re safe enough when using our Services. Thus, we gather and process this data to find out whether there are some illicit, illegal, or prohibited activities on our Services. We have to monitor them actively and investigate, to prevent them and mitigate any kind of damage that may be caused to our clients. It is also for us to be able to enforce our agreements with partners. All possible violations of our Terms and Policies should be excluded. We have our hands tied without a necessary set of data and can’t perform our Service in accordance with the guarantees and promises we provide you with.

E. Security Purposes. Firstly, we need to ensure that all security measures that we have adopted are being followed and improved. Next, we fight against possible types of spam and malware that threaten our and your safety. Of course, we also have to track and verify the identity of all of our users to ensure that your account is not compromised or unauthorized. Once we lose access to your data, we don’t have a chance to make our services as safe as they are expected to be.

F. To Comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements. Another reason why we may need your information is for our Company to comply with certain business obligations. In particular, this is the payment of taxes and/or risk management, depending on the current legal requirements. Complying with key legal and regulatory requirements is just impossible when we decline to process your data.

H. To Conduct Research and to Improve. You can be completely confident that some of the information we collect helps us to develop and improve our Services for you. This is what helps us understand how you use the Products and how you interact with them. This approach ensures our mutually beneficial cooperation and the development of new Services that have obvious advantages for you.

I. To Launch Marketing Campaigns. Finally, your contact information, as well as insights into how you and other users interact with our Services, are of great marketing value. These details allow us to launch marketing campaigns and inform our audience about them, segment our customers and create content that will work for you. This also applies to our partners. We do not classify as "marketing" messages those messages about your account or our products that are transactional.

Moreover, you can provide us with the contact details of your friends so that we can contact them and offer them our Services.

We don’t limit you anyway if you decide to opt-out of our marketing campaigns. You always know when we want to use your data and for what purposes, and you can always refuse it. We only use the data that we have received with your consent. Please be aware that if you refuse to transfer details or limit the information that we need for different purposes, you may lose access to all or some of our Services.

5. How We Would Share Your Personal Data with Third Parties

There are several possible circumstances when we may share your personal details with third parties. You can find their description right here.

Affiliated Businesses. First of all, we may share your data with companies that are legitimate members of the group of companies of which the You in Live is a part, as well as with those that should become part of this group ("Affiliates"). This information from our users may be used by affiliates for the purpose of providing, understanding, and improving the Services. In particular, we may provide data to obtain analytics and so that Affiliates can develop and offer their own services, offering you a more interesting and high-quality experience.

Our Service Providers and Business Partners. Our service providers, business partners, and certain third parties may help us provide Services to you (“Service Providers”).

Accordingly, we may provide them with access to your personal information to the extent deemed necessary and allows us to ensure your safety.

Responding to legal inquiries and preventing negative consequences. We may access your information, preserve it and share if:

  1. 1. We have no other choice as the law requires it. This can be a response to a court order, a subpoena to the court, as well as a corresponding request from various competent state bodies, in particular judicial, law enforcement, etc.
  2. 2. We have reason to believe that providing a reasonable amount of your information will help protect our users and us from fraud and other types of threats.
  3. 3. We think that you, as our user, have abused the Services and used them for inappropriate purposes. This can be an attack on our system, gaining unauthorized access to the Servers, sending spam, as well as other possible ways of violating current legislation.

The information we receive about you and about our other users is available, processed, and stored for a long time if it is the subject of legal requests or obligations, investigations initiated by the government, or investigations regarding violations of our terms. We may immediately notify you of a legal request by attaching a copy of the original post if we are allowed to.

6. Sharing your information

If you decide to use our Services and also transfer your data to us for any purpose, you should be aware that your personal data may be collected, processed, and stored outside the country or jurisdiction in which you are currently located. Information is stored on servers or databases.

It is necessary to understand that the data protection laws in these countries or jurisdictions may differ from those in your country and may not be as effective. Therefore, if you do not want us to collect, use or transfer information outside of your country of residence, you better opt out of using our Services.

7. Minor's Privacy

Children under 18 cannot use our Services. So we also knowingly refuse to collect their personal information, and once we find out that there is a minor who has registered on our Site and uploaded one’s contact information and other details, we delete this information from the database just immediately. If you’re a parent or guardian of a minor child and know that one is using our Services without providing the real age, let us know via any means of communication as soon as possible. We will investigate this situation and delete the data along with the minor’s account.

8. Security

One of our main goals is to keep your personal data safe. To ensure that the privacy of our users is protected, we take various physical, technical, and administrative security measures. In addition, we have very strict requirements for all of our service providers who also handle information. They must protect the security and privacy of the data you provide to us by using all available security measures. However, it is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee that your data will not be lost, misused, unauthorized, or altered. Not all of your information is under our constant control, and therefore we cannot protect absolutely all personal data of our clients. For example, we are talking about data transmitted by e-mail or through your Wi-Fi connection.

Don’t forget that you are also responsible for maintaining your privacy and security. It is up to you to create a sufficiently strong password and ensure its safety when you’re creating a new account. You also shouldn't leave your device unlocked if you're not around. When accessing or using our Servers, be sure to ensure the reliability of your wireless connections wherever you’re located right now.

9. Retention of Personal Information

We do not store customers’ personal information forever. Any data that we receive, we use for some specific purposes, which we described above. Therefore, we always try to limit the storage of data to the time it takes to achieve these goals. This could include compliance with our agreements, dispute resolution, campaign duration, etc. If you have any questions regarding storage times, you should contact us.

Marketing. We do not have a specific storage period for the information that we need for marketing purposes.

Web Behavior Data. We store any users’ data collected via various technical or analytic tools (including web page counters, cookies, and flash cookies, etc.) for a specific date and time from the expiration of the cookie or the date of gathering.

10. Regarding “Do Not Track” Browser Requests

Some browsers provide their users with an opportunity to send “Do not track requests” once they visit any website. Our Company does never track or respond to these requests, so they don’t make sense.

11. Important Information for European Economic Area, United Kingdom, and Switzerland Residents

This chapter of the Privacy Policy applies only to those users of our Services who, at the time of data collection and processing, are located in the “Designated Countries”.

When you use some of our Services, we may ask you for information about which country you are currently in. We may also use your IP address or MCC (Mobile County Code) to obtain relevant information. If we do not receive this data from you but use your IP address or MCC, the terms of this chapter cannot be applied to any users who disguise or use various methods to hide their location in order not to be related to the Designated Countries. If any provision of this chapter conflicts with other terms of this document, this section is used for users in the Designated Countries.

A. Our Relationship to You

You in Live controls all data and personal information that was received from users of the Services. “Data Controller” means the organization that is responsible for the purposes and methods of processing any details. Those third parties who are our service providers cannot be called “data controllers” as they are “data processors” who follow a contract with specific instructions. You are the “user”, that is, the person who transmits data to our Company, for example, when creating an account, using our Services or in any other way.

B. Marketing Campaigns

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, or any other Designated Countries and are an actual user of our Services, we will use only electronic means to contact you. It can be email or SMS, depending on your preference. We will also suggest to you some Services that are similar to those you are already using.

For our new users, we use electronic means to contact you solely based on your consent, as well as the consent of your friends. Each of our users is allowed to revoke this consent at any time and make changes to their marketing preferences. This option is available for free and without any restrictions.

If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please scroll to the bottom of any marketing email from us and click on the unsubscribe link.

Any of our marketing communications are for advertising purposes only and are not transactional communications or communications related to our Services.

Withdraw consent whenever you want it. You have the option to decide to revoke your consent at any time so that we can’t process data without it. This does not affect the legality of the processing of your data by our Company or Third Parties if we had consent before you canceled it.

Access the information and make necessary amends. As soon as you need to receive the file that contains a copy of your personal information gathered by us, you can request it, and we will provide it as soon as possible. This will be done without undue delay and also absolutely free of charge (unless the law allows us to charge this service). If access to your information could negatively affect the rights and freedoms of others, we may restrict it. You also have the option to request an update or change to any details that are stored with us if you do not have appropriate direct access through the Services.

Your right to be forgotten when you want it. Just send us a request if you don’t want us to use your data in any way. We will remove it if it is no longer relevant to the purposes for which we collected and processed it. This also works for data that was collected with your consent to the processing, but with the subsequent revocation of this consent, as well as information that we have collected without a legal basis.

Right to restriction. We will refuse to process your personal information at your request if one of the following conditions can be called applicable:

You want to dispute the accuracy of information processing. In this case, we will check the accuracy and, for this period, limit the processing that may interrupt some or all of the Services.

You believe that the processing is unlawful, and therefore, instead of deleting the information, you want to request the restriction of its use.

We no longer use your personal data for processing purposes, but we may still need it in order to establish, enforce or defend legal claims; or if you have objections to the processing of parts while you are waiting for verification of which prevails: the legal basis on which we are processing our processing, or your rights.

By limiting your information, we can process it only after obtaining your consent, in the implementation or defense of legal claims (including to protect the rights of other legal or natural persons), and in the case of important public interests.

Right to disapprove processing. As our User, you can restrict the processing of information at any time based on applicable law if we have a legal basis in the form of consent or agreement. In the event that the processing of your data is still necessary for a number of reasons (for example, defense of legal claims), we can continue it.

Right to information portability. If we have entered into a contract with you or received your consent to process your personal information or use automated means to process your data, you have the option to request a file with your details in a required format. It must be well-structured, widely used, and easy-readable. You also have the right to request the information transfer to other "controllers" directly, provided that this can be done technically and does not infringe on the rights and freedoms of other parties.

Notification to third-parties. As soon as we transfer your personal data to third parties, we will send them notifications about any of your requests to make changes to information: be it rectification, limitation, or deletion, if this requires reasonable efforts and is not impossible. Submit a request if you would like to request a list of such third parties.

Automatic individual decision making. If a decision was made based solely on the automated processing of your data, you could disobey it with ease. This also works for profiling, which can have legal or any other consequences (unless any exceptions apply in accordance with current legislation).